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BMN A new powerhouse in bitcoin mining investment BTC Mining nft (BMN) legally gives investors the opportunity to visit Bitcoin hashrate through corporate systems. DEFI white book Buy NTF Miner Contract(BSC):0x769D4FF4ab282D8d32285358CfaF815A2350d8b5
NTF Contract(ETH):0x631135c9ba65c9b8edd0634bd573a0f84b802805
About the project: BMN is a financial service platform that converts the hash rate of a one-stop mining machine into NFT, providing overall IT operation modules and professional and transparent mining services. Through one-stop management, we provide a safe and legal mining investment route by connecting with the best producers in the industry and the mining farm or maintenance team to secure an inexpensive and stable mining source. The algorithm is NFTized so that investors can participate in mining, and stable profits are realized through prompt trust management, carefully selected miners, legal operation, and low electricity rates. BMN Promotion 1. If a user purchased 200U-NFT from outside, licensing is possible on this platform. If you license at this stage, the platform will pay 10,000 BMN to the user's account after the license is complete.
2. If the user purchased 2000U-NFT from outside, licensing is possible on this platform. If you license at this stage, the platform pays 50% of the amount BMN to the user's account after the license is completed, and 1 additional NFT is provided.
Why is Bitcoin digital gold? Decentralized gold, Bitcoin, is no longer an option, but a necessity. In the era of just making deposits in banks and buying stocks and bonds, it has become a means of trading between individuals and freely paying the price. That's why it's advantageous to start a little earlier. If you choose to enter quickly as an investment asset, rather than flirting with news and markets, you will get satisfactory results.
Mining machine introduction Shinma Miner M31S Bitcoin Miner 70 TH/s Shinma M31S reference quote 0.090000 BTC
Basic specifications: Mining machine name: Shinma Miner M31S Bitcoin Miner 70TH/s Nickname: Shinma M31S producer: Shinma Miner Production date: 2020-11 Calculation Coins: bitcoin Rated output: 3136W Power Consumption: 56W/T Hash rate performance: 70 TH/s algorithm: SHA - 256
daily electricity bill 1.3862 USDTILLION
daily income 0.000284BTC
weekly income 0.002004BTC
monthly income 0.008587btc
annual revenue 0.104484 BTC
World-class facilities Your mining investment is safe. BMN's highly optimized and secure facilities have already been trusted by some of the leading organizations in the Bitcoin industry to satisfy their mining consignment management needs.
Maximize participation in Bitcoin mining In general, Bitcoin mining has high risks related to specialized hardware and equipment. BMN lowers the entry barrier for qualified investors, providing an opportunity to mine Bitcoin with a simple coin purchase. NFTization of hashrate authority Since the hashrate pool of BMN has been NFTized, investors can purchase BMN hashrate through the NFT market, and furthermore, staking is possible. Therefore, stable profits are generated with hashrate, and stable mining profits can be enjoyed even through the transfer of NFT rights. It is also possible to realize profits by increasing the value of NFTs.
How to participate: 1、Join Open a Opensea-NFT Market account and start your mining journey. 2、Purchase We are introducing a variety of BTC-NFT mining products. High cost-effective products that enable high profits are essential for maximizing wealth. 3、Revenue It is possible to generate revenue through one-stop mining service. Mining is really easy once you know!
What is a mining farm? A mining farm is a place where Bitcoin hardware equipment is gathered, and a mining pool is a set of miners hashrate. Mining rigs are intensively managed at mining farms and are usually located in areas where electricity prices are relatively low and supply is stable. In the early days of mining farms, the environment was poor, so the mining equipment was simply placed on a shelf, but the repair cost was very high due to the risk of damage to the mining equipment. However, the operation of the mining farm still needs continuous improvement and development. When one mining machine is operated, the noise is so high that it reaches 73d when measured at a distance of 1m. Therefore, noise-free mining farms that have undergone structural changes and interiors have now appeared. DEFI mechanism
starting price 0.01U/BMN)
During the Defi participation process, if you stake 100,000 BMN for 12 months, you will receive an airdrop of 1 NFT worth 200U. The staking airdrop ends when 2,000 NFTs are reached.
Incineration Mechanism:
For every 1,000 NFTs sold in the NFT market, the system burns 200,000U of BMN.
What is a mining machine? If you look at the evolution of Bitcoin miners, it can be divided into CPU miners-GPU miners-professional miners mining-mining pool mining. On January 3, 2009, the existence of bitcoin became known when Satoshi Nakamoto, the creator of bitcoin, succeeded in mining his first bitcoin using a computer CPU. On September 18, 2010, the graphics card mining software was first released, and since one graphics card is equivalent to several dozen CPUs, the mining performance is maximized. After that, specialized mining equipment based on mining chips appeared, which is a mining machine. Currently, the most well-known My Miner is equipped with a hash rate of 30,000 GPUs. If you want to mine, you will first need a miner, a bitcoin address, and mining software. However, as more and more people use miners, it is very difficult to mine bitcoins simply with miners. Therefore, miners must form a mining field and a mining pool to perform computing in the mining field and information processing in the mining pool.
Roadmap: 2021.10.24 Analysis and reporting on BMN establishment, project planning and feasibility 2021.12.20 Established NFT Global Research Lab 2022.02.10 Establishment of strategic cooperative relationship with Mongolian mining companies 2022.03.22 Expanded to a 10mw mining farm, accommodating 3,000 70T-class mining machines 2022.05.03 Establishment of NFT business model of BMN hashrate pool 2022.07.05 Announcement of BMN hashrate token issuance 2022.07.25 Signed a strategic agreement with Solana Multi-Chain 2022.08.05 BMN listed on BANK 2022.9.30 BMN-NFT market platform V1.0 opened, diversified hashrate NFT distribution 2022.10.14 Signed the Binance Strategic Agreement. 2023.05.20 Cooperation between global hashrate mining companies and providing various mining investment services by increasing the total amount of hashrate